Europe: Ruin or Renewal?

Fuelled by growing economic hardships and fears about the future of the continent, an alarming drift to the right has set in across Europe. The elections to the next European Parliament, scheduled for 6–9 June 2024, are therefore already casting a shadow. Given the stakes, there can be little doubt that they will be of particular significance — also and especially for the European Left, which with 37 MEPs is currently the smallest group in the European Parliament.

In this dossier, we present analysis and critique of the European Union — along with proposals for how the EU and European policy could be transformed for the better. We take a closer look at the growing strength of the radical and extreme Right across the continent and discuss democratic socialist approaches to economic, social, and migration policy. Lastly, we highlight the prospects and perspectives of left-wing formations across Europe by speaking with leading representatives of Die Linke and other parties of the Left.

(Cover image: Theophilos Papadopoulos via Flicker)