London Office

Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Regional Office for the UK and Ireland
Pelican House
144 Cambridge Heath Road
London E1 5QJ

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation‘s London Office focuses its work on economic democracy, deep organizing, and political education in Great Britain and Ireland.

Founded in 2020, the London office of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung was set up to broaden and deepen the foundation’s work in Western Europe and English-speaking countries. Alongside this, and in the context of the UK’s departure from the EU, our team will pay particular attention to ensuring that cooperation and exchange between the British Left and its German, European, and global counterparts do not diminish in the post-Brexit era, but are expanded.

Alongside this, a key motivation for establishing the office was our desire to have deeper and closer connections to Ireland, and we are currently establishing a strong programme of work across the island of Ireland with the Irish left. This work is, of course, only becoming more crucial as the impacts of Brexit on the island of Ireland become clearer and starker.